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Blogging for Business #GetRealChat 8-23-16

social media content marketing value to audience

Pam Moore lead our community in a discussion of blogging for business.  We discussed the platforms we used and shared the blogs that we find the best information on.  The community shared the personal and business benefits of blogging.  Information links shared during the chat are below. Don’t build Your Business on Rented Social Media […]

The Future of Live Video #GetRealChat 8-16-16

Live Video Marketing

  Our community discussed the future of live video after Blab announced its shut down and Google announced that Hangouts on Air are moving over to YouTube live.  We discussed how we used video for personal and business use and our consumption and production uses.  Our community also discussed recent changes with video platforms and […]

Instagram Stories on #GetRealChat 8-9-16

Instagram Changes on GetRealChat

  Our community discussed the recently released Instagram Stories feature.  We discussed how we currently use Instagram,  brands that will do well on the platform, and shared tips on how to use the feature.  There was also discussion the differences between Instagram Stories and  Snapchat.  You can review a post about Instagram Stories and Snapchat […]

Humanizing Your Brand #GetRealChat 8-2-16

personal brand

   Pam Moore lead our community through a discussion of humanizing your brand.  We discussed if brands can be human and how to humanize them with social media.  Our community shouted out brands that they felt are humanizing well.  Content types, platforms, and tools that maximize humanization were discussed.  There is a strong focus on […]

Content Marketing in a Changing Social World #GetRealChat 7-26-16

Content Marketing on #GetRealChat with Atomic Reach

  Pam Moore lead the community through a discussion of content marketing in a changing social world.  We discussed the difference between content marketing and content writing, what our top social goals are and how do we measure the success of content marketing.  We also shared our best tips and tools.   Here are some […]

Social Media Reporting #GetRealChat 7-19-16

#GetRealChat Brand Customer Service

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion of social media reporting.  Our community shared tips on how to do the reporting, frequency of reporting and shared tools used to generate the reports.  We also discussed the importance of knowing the goals and objectives before determining the tools and reporting formats. Our chat summary […]

Social Media Listening #GetRealChat 7-12-16

Social Media Listening personal branding social media

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion of social media social listening.  The community shared tips and provided tools that they use for social listening.  We discussed the importance of knowing your audience and goals to determine your listening approach.   It was good to see several social listening brandings practice what they […]

Social Media Marketing for any Holiday #GetRealChat 7-5-16

do you know your audience social media

  Pam Moore led our community thr0ugh a discussion of Social Media marketing for any holiday.  We discussed the following: Importance of knowing your audience. What brands stood out during the fourth of  July Importance of knowing your audience What are the key do’s for a brand to be successful during the holidays How do […]

Making an Impact with Social Media #GetRealChat 6-28-16

social media events tools and technology

  Our community discussed using Social Media to make an impact.  We discussed what type of impacts we make and shared tips on how to be impactful and how to recover from a negative situation.  The community also shared tips on brands can avoid being considered salesly. You can review our recap below.

Facebook Marketing on #GetRealChat 6-24-16

Facebook Marketing Tips and ROI

  Our community discussed Facebook Marketing tips and the different types of Facebook options available for marketing.  Key topics included: How to identify your audience The importance of Goals and Objectives for Facebook Marketing Should every business have a Facebook Page How do you determine the of advertising on Facebook Key metrics to track with […]