Only One You on #GetRealChat 4-26-16

How to narrow your marketing focus. Riches are in the niches.

  Cat Trestini guided our community through an active discussion on  balancing the personal and business you on social.  We covered topics such as: Should you have multiple accounts on the same social platform Should you maintain multiple personas on social media platforms What are the risks of maintaining multiple personas online Should employers monitor […]

Social Customer Service for Brands #GetRealChat 4-19-16

#GetRealChat Brand Customer Service

        Steve Cassady led our Community through a discussion on Customer Service for Brands.  We shared experiences and tips on how to provide amazing customer service through social.  Our framing post is here.  We also discussed statistics from Sprout Social’s First Quarter 2016 Sprout Social Index.  Key insights were that brands on average […]

Mentoring #PayingItForward on #GetRealChat 4-12-16

Mentoring Paying It Forward on GetRealChat

        Steve Cassady guided our community through a discussion on mentoring with a #PayingItForward focus.  We had good discussion between seasoned and new workforce members.  Discussion centered on our mentoring experiences and what one should look for in a mentor. Our chat transcripts and statistics are here followed by our chat recap:

Content Curation #GetRealChat 4-05-16

Content Curation on GetRealChat

  Cat Trestini guided our community through a discussion about content curation. We covered a wide range of topics: Considerations for curation How to use hashtags Resources to find 3rd party content Benefits to organic versus paid content Is content really king? Out chat transcripts and statistics can be found here followed by our recap:

Future of Brand Experience #AdobeSummit #GetRealChat 3-23-16

The future of Brand Experience at Adobe Summit discussed on #GetRealChat

  The future of marketing is the brand experience. Customer experience is your brand. Either you provide a good customer experience or you don’t. Brands are now using experiences to sell to their customers.  This was the topic of our day time #GetRealChat at Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. The framing post for our chat is […]

How to use new media at events #GetRealChat 3-22-16

"special event" ticket stub and popcorn closeup

  Catherine Trestini and Steve Cassady ran tonight’s chat as Pam Moore was participating in the Adobe Summit as a brand ambassador.  Our community shared thoughts on how to use new media at events.  Many great tips were shared. You can find more tips in this Social Zoom Factor Podcast.  Snapchat and Periscope were common […]

How to Zoom Your Personal Brand #GetRealChat 3-15-16

Personal Branding is a requirement not an option as discussed on #GetRealChat

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion of personal branding.  We rated our personal performance and shared definitions of personal branding.  The community then discussed the importance of content and visual elements.  Top social platforms were shared with a focus on knowing where your audience is and the strengths and weaknesses of each […]

Snapchat for Business Yes or No #GetRealChat 3-8-16

visual marketing for getrealchat snapchat discussion

  Our community had a lively discussion on Snapchat.  We discussed on how we used it for personal and business uses.  Our experienced users shared tips and discussed popular features they liked and didn’t like.  Bottom line is that you need to know your audience and if they are there.  There were several business uses […]

Social Media at Events #GetRealChat 3-1-16

Social Media at Events as discussed on #GetRealChat

  Cat Trestini and Steve Cassady guided our community through social media at events.  Our community shared events they are participating in and a lot of great tips on how to zoom social to engage the community inside and outside of your event.  Here is a link to 25 tips to integrate social media into […]

Super Bowl #SB50 #Adbowl on #GetRealChat 020916

Super Bowl 50 #SB50 on #GetRealChat

  Pam Moore was busy preparing for out of town speaking events next week and left the chat in hands of the Marketing Nutz Team.  Catherine (Cat) Trestini and Steve Cassady guided our community through a discussion of Super Bowl 50 Advertising and Social Media. Most of our chat participants watched the Super Bowl for […]