#SMAgency Webinar Q&A Follow Up with Sprout Social #GetRealChat 5-19-15

Social Media Agency Webinary Q&A with Sprout Social and Pam Moore

  Tonight we followed up on questions asked during the Social Media Agency Webinar with Sprout Social and Pam Moore. Darryl Villacorta, Sprout Social’s Social Media Manager answered questions for the Sprout Team.  Of course, our community shared their thoughts as well.  You can catch the webinar replay here.  The community discussed a wide range […]

Do you know your Data? #GetRealChat 5-12-15

Data, GetRealChat

  Our community discussed the various types of data needed to understand your digital business. Many digital and social marketers shy away from data and analytics.  But, not our community. Steve Cassady and Danielle O’Neil led the discussion as Pam Moore was an influencer at the TeraData #ONEfest event.  We discussed the following aspects: The […]

Zoom Your Community Management with guest @Sprout_Social #GetRealChat 5-7-15

Community Management Tips and Insights

  Sarah Nagel, SproutSocial Community Outreach Manager was our guest discussing how we can zoom our community management.  We will be following this discussion up with another #GetRealChat and Social Zoom Factor Podcast.  In this chat we discussed: Identification of Community How to welcome and acclimate new members How to foster relationships How to identify […]

Influencer Marketing on #GetRealChat 5-5-15

Influencer Marketing

  In this Chat, we discussed there are some marketers doing Influence Marketing right and there are others who are burning more bridges than the ones they are trying to build.  Our discussion focused on the following Points: Why and how brands are confusing spam with influence marketing How to choose the right influencers Importance […]

Business Social Media Overload #GetRealChat 4-28-15

GetRealChat Social Media Overload Brands

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion on how involved we are in social media and the relative importance of various platforms.  Several of the community admitted to being ‘Social Addicts” and the need for time/ROI management. We also discussed how we use Instagram and how active the community has been in using […]

How to Up your #ContentMarketing on #GetRealChat 4-21-15

Content Marketing on #GetRealChat with Atomic Reach

  Our guest was Ira Haberman with Atomic Reach.  Ira and Pam Moore led the community through a discussion of content marketing.  We discussed the following: Why Digital Audiences are different. How we should create content for them. What are specific things we can do. Impact of Google and SEO. Atomic Reach helps brands, publishers & bloggers […]

Digital and Social Marketers should lead and learn to say No! #GetRealChat 4-14-15

Digital and Social Marketers Leadership #GetRealChat

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion on Digital and Social Marketer Leadership and the need to learn to say no.  It is time digital marketers step up and lead. They must own their programs. We discussed the challenges Digital Marketers face and that they need to learn to say no to the wrong […]

Real-Time and Event Marketing on #GetRealChat 4-7-15

"special event" ticket stub and popcorn closeup

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion on Real Time and Event Marketing.  We discussed what works and doesn’t work and the community shared pros and cons of Meerkat and Periscope.  The importance of providing value for the dialogue was stressed.  Our community discussed how the use of these tools could evolve and […]

Website Management and Set Up with HostGator on GetRealChat 3-31-15

HostGator #GetRealChat Buzzwords

  Tonight, our guest HostGator shared tips on Website hosting, setup, and security. Kyler Patterson and Sean Valant shared their thoughts and managed the HostGator handle.  The community asked a lot of questions including the process to transfer hosting services and how to handle certain performance issues.  It was a very #Snappy discussionm as we […]

Can Brands Be Human #GetRealChat 3-24-15

Brands Can be Social and Imperfect on #GetRealChat

  Steve Cassady and Danielle O’Neil managed the chat while Pam Moore was in San Diego preparing for #SMMW15.  The community discussed Brand Humanization on social media.  We shared what worked, what didn’t work and provided over 15 tips for brands to be “human” on social.  Our community can sense the difference between real engagement […]