Tools for Social Media and Digital Marketing #GetRealChat 8-11-15

Discussion of Social Media and Digital Marketing Tools in #GetRealChat

  Our community discussed Tools for Social Media and Digital Marketing.  We covered  how much time we use to research tools and what criteria we use.  The range of tools covered Monitoring, Research, Dashboard, and Scheduling.  The discussion started with the importance of having clear business objectives and knowing where your audience hangs out.  The […]

Skills Needed for Digital Marketing and Social Media #GetRealChat 8-4-15

social employee brand advocacy

  Pam Moore took our community through a discussion of skills needed to be successful in Digital Marketing and Social Media.  We assessed where we are and where we would like to be.  The community shared tips and their experiences for success.  Our chat transcripts and statistics are here followed by our recap:

Hashtags, not Hashbrowns served on #GetRealChat 7-28-16

Hashtags on Social Media Platforms discussed on #GetRealChat

  Steve Cassady lead our community through a discussion of Hashtags.  The community discussed why and how we should use hashtags.  We  reviewed the nuances of Hashtag use on several social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Pinterest.  The community members also shared their favorite hashtag tools.  The framing post for the chat […]

Zoom Your Business with Twitter Lists #GetRealChat 7-21-15

Twitter Lists on #GetRealChat

  Steve Cassady guided our community through a discussion of Twitter Lists.  We discussed why and how we used Twitter Lists and several social media tools that leverage Twitter Lists.  We shared and discussed 15 Case uses of Twitter lists: Directory of Team Members Client Lists (can be private) what are they saying. Client Prospects […]

Ethics and Integrity in #SocialMedia GetRealChat 7-7-15

Ethics and Integrity in Social Media on #GetRealChat

  Our community discussed Ethics and Integrity for the the general media and social media. Opinions were shared on why we see unethical behavior and why journalistic quality seems to have gone done.  The community discussed the pros and cons of social media in regards to how it enables people and brands to quickly share […]

Help a Buddy on #GetRealChat 6-23-15

Twitter Lists on #GetRealChat

  Tonight was #HelpABuddy night.  Our community asked and answered each other’s questions. The discussion centered around list building and monetization.  Pam Moore shared her tips and experiences with the community.  The key takeaway was to start with a plan. Our chat transcripts and stats are here followed by our chat recap:  

How to Zoom SlideShare #GetRealChat 6-16-15

Content Marketing and Publishing on SlideShare discussed on #GetRealChat

  Pam Moore and Lorraine Lee, News Editor and Manager of Social Media for SlideShare led our community through a discussion of SlideShare tips.  We discussed the following: Who Uses SlideShare What are benefits of using SlideShare Content that can be uploaded into SlideShare How to leveraged SlideShare and LinkedIn Advanced hacks for increased ROI […]

WordPress Hosting with HostGator #GetRealChat 6-2-15

HostGator Optimized WordPress Hosting on GetRealChat

  We had HostGator as our guest and we discussed  How to Zoom your Blog with WordPress and the announcement of their new Optimized WordPress hosting service. Sean Valant and Kyler Patterson represented Hostgator and took turns with the HostGator handle which enabled a very #Snappy discussion. We discussed: What Blogging Sites the community uses […]

Top Into the Power of OPC #GetRealChat 5-26-15

Content Marketing

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion about sharing Other People’s Content. Our topics were as follows Why do we share content? How do we decide what content to share or not share? Where do you go to find content to share? Do you share content that you do not agree with? What […]

#SMAgency Webinar Q&A Follow Up with Sprout Social #GetRealChat 5-19-15

Social Media Agency Webinary Q&A with Sprout Social and Pam Moore

  Tonight we followed up on questions asked during the Social Media Agency Webinar with Sprout Social and Pam Moore. Darryl Villacorta, Sprout Social’s Social Media Manager answered questions for the Sprout Team.  Of course, our community shared their thoughts as well.  You can catch the webinar replay here.  The community discussed a wide range […]