How to Create Discoverable Content

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion on how to create discoverable content that humans, Google, and social networks will love.  We discussed what works and what doesn’t work.  Our community shared tips on how to optimize for the key social media platforms.  Our framing post for the discussion is here.  Our bottom […]

Community Night on #GetRealChat 11-10-15

Community Management Tips and Insights

  Amy Barton and Steve Cassady guided our community through Community Night where we asked and answered each others questions. Pam Moore and Danielle O’Neil were returning home from a client visit.  The community had a lively discussion with some give and take on a couple of our topics. The following topics were discussed during […]

Zoom Your Event Marketing #GetRealChat 11-3-15

Event and Conference Marketing with Social Media Tips

  Pam Moore guided our community through a discussion of using social media for event and conference marketing.  The community shared conferences that we have participated in and would like to attend.  Social media tips were shared on how to leverage social media for both attendees and conference organizers. Our chat’s framing post is here. […]

Integrated Digital Marketing and Social Media Planning

Integrated Digital Marketing and Social Media Planning

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion of integrated digital marketing and social media plan.  We discussed the importance of planning and shared tips on how to plan effectively.  Even though a portion of social media is real-time, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be planned.  Many members of our community are far […]

Zoom your Social Media for the Holidays #GetRealChat 10-20-15

Consistent compelling content for the Holiday Season

  Amy Barton, our Marketing Nutz Senior Community Manager hosted the chat as our community shared tips on how to plan for the upcoming holiday season.  Pam Moore was in between presenting Social Media Success Summit 15 and  judging startup pitches at Cox’s #GetStartedGNV conference.  Key topics covered in our chat included: How to success […]

Should you Narrow Your Marketing Focus GetRealChat 10-06-15

How to narrow your marketing focus. Riches are in the niches.

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion on narrowing your marketing focus.  Our bottom line conclusion is that there are “Riches in the Niches”. We discussed the benefits of narrowing your niche as well as  strategies and tips to help you build a niche strategy and plan.  The more you know who you […]

Welcome to the Age of Inspiration #GetRealChat 9-29-15

Welcome to the Age of Inspiration

  Our community discussed the Age of Inspiration where we need to delight and inspire our audiences, communities, and customers. The community discussed what inspires us personally and why it is important for businesses to inspire their audience, community, and customers.  We also shared tips on how businesses can do it. Our framing post from […]

Twitter Tips on #GetRealChat 9-22-15

Twitter Tips to Save You Time and Money on GetRealChat

  Steve Cassady led our community through a discussion of Twitter Tips.  Our #GetRealChat community shared tips and tools with each other to help save time and maximize the ROI of using Twitter.  We discussed why we used twitter, how much time we spent on Twitter, if Twitter was part of an integrated marketing plan, […]

Live Streaming with #SMWMiami Keynote Speakers #GetRealChat 9-15-15

Social Media Week Miami Keynote Speakers on GetRealChat

  Tonight on #GetRealChat, we utilized Periscope to share insights from Social Media Week Miami Key Note Speakers.  Glen Gilmore, Sean Gardner, Ann Tran, and Pam Moore shared their insights on a variety of topics. Here is our Periscope Replay that is available on Katch.  Glen, Sean, and Pam also provided highlights of what they plan […]

Social Voices for Social Good with #NoKidHungry #GetRealChat 9-8-15


  Tim McDonald and Pam Moore discussed social voices for social good on #GetRealchat.  During all of September, you can support ‪#‎NoKidHungry‬ at over 8,000 participating restaurants. You can check out restaurant locations near you with this link.  No Kid Hungry is the official charity of #GetRealChat. Our statistics and transcripts are here, followed by […]