#GetRealChat 5 Year Anniversary 1-26-16

#GetRealChat 5 Year Anniversary

  Tonight we celebrated our five year chat anniversary.  Our community discussed when we first participated in the chat and what we thought #GetRealChat was about. We also shared the #GetRealChatVideo Twitter videos that our community created for our 5 year anniversary  chat sharing our greatest learning and contacts made in the chat. The community […]

How to get your Social Media Budget Approved 1-19-16

Social Media Budget Approval

Our community discussed how to get your social media budget approved. Our discussion focused on the following: Do you have a solid social media plan and budget approved What are the greatest challenges brand leaders have in getting their social media budget approved The timeframe your social media budget and plans should be requested for […]

Focus 2016 #GetRealChat 1-12-16

Ethics and Integrity in Social Media on #GetRealChat

  We continued last week’s chat discussing out business and life objectives and one-word focus for 2016. Our community came to the chat and shared their 2016 priorities and one-word focus.  We also discussed the challenges to accomplish them.  The community also discussed what we are going to do differently this year than we have […]

Zoom Your Business and Life Priorities #GetRealChat 1-5-16

Integrated Digital Marketing and Social Media Planning

  Our community discussed business and life priorities for 2016.  We discussed when we started our 2016 planning efforts and how we plan to handle 2016 social media changes.  We then shared our top priorities and focus word for 2016.  Next week our community is asked to share their top 3 priorities and one-word focus […]

Top Tools and Technology for 2016 #GetRealChat 12-15-15

social media events tools and technology

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion of top tools and technology for 2016. We discussed the key characteristics social media tools will need to have to keep up with customer demands in 2016.  Our community also shared their favorite tools.  We also discussed where we felt live streaming will be going in […]

2016 Trends and Predictions #GetRealChat 12-8-15

#GetRealChat 5 Year Anniversary

Many of us are wrapping up our 2016 planning efforts and had plenty of time to think about 2016.  Our community shared their predictions and trends for 2016.  Live streaming was a key discussion point during the chat.  We also discussed what brands should and should not do for 2016.  There was a concern about […]

Best New Media Tools and Technology for Your Brand #GetRealChat 12-1-15

social media events tools and technology

Our community discuss social media tools and technology key for developing your brand.  We discussed the characteristics we look for in a tool and shared our recommendations with each other.  Our community enjoys Buffer, Google Analytics, Hashtagify,  Buzzsumo, Sprout Social, OneQube, Simply Measured, and Hootsuite. You can review our chat transcripts and statistics here and […]

Social Media for Social Good on #GetRealChat 11-24-15

  Tim McDonald joined us to discuss No Kid Hungry, our official GetRealChat charity.  No Kid Hungry  is about ending child hunger in America where 1 in 5 children face hunger insecurity.  Since the start of the program, the No Kid Hungry organization has provided over 460 million meals to children.  We also discussed how […]

How to Create Discoverable Content

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion on how to create discoverable content that humans, Google, and social networks will love.  We discussed what works and what doesn’t work.  Our community shared tips on how to optimize for the key social media platforms.  Our framing post for the discussion is here.  Our bottom […]

Community Night on #GetRealChat 11-10-15

Community Management Tips and Insights

  Amy Barton and Steve Cassady guided our community through Community Night where we asked and answered each others questions. Pam Moore and Danielle O’Neil were returning home from a client visit.  The community had a lively discussion with some give and take on a couple of our topics. The following topics were discussed during […]