Digital and Social Marketers should lead and learn to say No! #GetRealChat 4-14-15

Digital and Social Marketers Leadership #GetRealChat

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion on Digital and Social Marketer Leadership and the need to learn to say no.  It is time digital marketers step up and lead. They must own their programs. We discussed the challenges Digital Marketers face and that they need to learn to say no to the wrong […]

Real-Time and Event Marketing on #GetRealChat 4-7-15

"special event" ticket stub and popcorn closeup

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion on Real Time and Event Marketing.  We discussed what works and doesn’t work and the community shared pros and cons of Meerkat and Periscope.  The importance of providing value for the dialogue was stressed.  Our community discussed how the use of these tools could evolve and […]

Website Management and Set Up with HostGator on GetRealChat 3-31-15

HostGator #GetRealChat Buzzwords

  Tonight, our guest HostGator shared tips on Website hosting, setup, and security. Kyler Patterson and Sean Valant shared their thoughts and managed the HostGator handle.  The community asked a lot of questions including the process to transfer hosting services and how to handle certain performance issues.  It was a very #Snappy discussionm as we […]

Can Brands Be Human #GetRealChat 3-24-15

Brands Can be Social and Imperfect on #GetRealChat

  Steve Cassady and Danielle O’Neil managed the chat while Pam Moore was in San Diego preparing for #SMMW15.  The community discussed Brand Humanization on social media.  We shared what worked, what didn’t work and provided over 15 tips for brands to be “human” on social.  Our community can sense the difference between real engagement […]

Is Your Social Media Hurting Your Brand 3-17-15 #GetRealChat

personal brand

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion of how our social media could be hurting our branding.  We discussed how well we rated our personal and business brands.  The community identified social media actions that generally are viewed as spammy.  One issue that was brought up is that we should be auditing our social […]

The #MillennialMarketer at #AdobeSummit Live on #GetRealChat 3-10-15

The #MillennialMarketer on #getrealchat at #AdobeSummit

  We are pleased to participate in the kickoff of a series of discussions on the Millennial Marketer. The first is in partnership and is sponsored by Adobe and was a special edition of #GetRealChat  hosted live from the #AdobeSummit event in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 10th. Our guests from Adobe were: Lauren Friedman – Head […]

Community Management on #GetRealChat 3-10-15

Community Management Tips

  This week Pam Moore is at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She was invited as an Adobe Insider to get a behind the scenes look at how Adobe is driving innovation and empowering their clients and community to change the world with digital experiences.  Steve Cassady  and Danielle O’Neil […]

Creating, Curating, or Regurgitating Content on #GetRealChat 3-3-15

Content Marketing

  The community discussed many aspects of content curation including: Definition of content creation and new ideas Definition of content curation Definition of content regurgitation How to create content that represents you! Why you must keep the brand of you in your content The importance of adding your own perspective in every piece of content […]

How to Brand Yourself on Twitter #GetRealChat 2-27-15

Personal Branding with Twitter

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion  of taking your personal brand to the next level by tapping into the power of Twitter.  We assessed where we and discussed techniques to improve twitter performance.  The community discussed if we had a Twitter Plan or if we were just “winging it” on Twitter.   We also […]

Workforce Dynamics with Emerson Micro Motion on #GetRealChat 2-17-17

The Knowledge Drain by Emerson Micro Motion

  We discussed Work Force Dynamics with Christina Liebman, Director Global Integrated Marketing, and Camille Stauffer, Content Marketing Manager, from Emerson Micro Motion.  Emerson Micro Motion is a division of Emerson Process Management that provides process flow and density measurement solutions for a wide range of industry applications. The Industrial Chemicals and Utilities Industries are […]