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Sometimes a conversation just needs to be more than 140 word exchanges. It’s nice to hear the inflection in a voice, and the tone of the banter among friends. So, after many requests we joined the ranks and have launched a radio show to partner with the #GetRealChat twitter chat.

The goal we have with GetRealChat is that no matter what platform you most easily digest information on, we have something there that can help guide you through the week. With the advent of internet radio, and the immense power of distribution it was a “no-brainer” for us to head in this direction.

If you want more information on being a guest on the radio show, drop us a line below. If you want to check out our page and upcoming episodes, check us out here:

I hope you can join us on Twitter, on the web, in your car, in a plane, on a boat. Ah, you know what we mean. Do you like green eggs and ham?

Want to sponsor a show or series of conversations? Contact us and we can discuss custom solutions and pricing.

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