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sponsor twitter chat getrealchatThe reason #GetRealChat and GetRealChat Radio have exploded in growth is not because of our good looks (that may have helped!). It’s because we share valuable information and deliver actionable insight to our audience.

We have a welcoming community that respects others opinions, and will become a brand evangelist for you and your company if given the introduction and opportunity. Let us broker the handshake.

The most effective emerging reach media driven by social is what we call “OPC”. No, its not a rap song from the 90’s, it stands for “OTHER PEOPLES COMMUNITIES”. Let us become an extension of your community.

Weekly, #GetRealChat generates between 30 and 90 Million+ Twitter impressions in a ONE HOUR timeframe. Our sponsors reach is extended past Twitter with guest blog posting on www.getrealchat.com and other Marketing Nutz (our parent company) platforms. With the introduction of GetRealChat radio, this reach is extended further.

Let us help you make a positive impact on your marketing program. Our packages start at $3,000 per chat, inclusive of full reporting and written transcript post chat. Campaign packages for multi-chat series can be built and structured to fit your needs and budget.

Give us a holler – we love to CHAT!

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