Viral Content Marketing on #GetRealChat

Power of User Generated Content #GetRealChat 5-24-16

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion of User Generated Content and the aspects of what creates viral content.  We first discussed the Chewbacca Mom, Candace Payne, Facebook video and what made it viral with over 134 million views.  We then discussed what brands can do to make their content more attractive and […]

Recent #GetRealChat Conversations on Twitter

Instagram Changes on GetRealChat

What is new with Instagram #GetRealChat 5-17-16

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion on the recent Instagram changes.  We discussed the new logo, the feed change, as well as … [Read More...]

HostGator Makes website development easy

Easy Website Setup with HostGator #GetRealChat 5-10-16

  Today we had a combined chat and Google Hangout where HostGator demonstrated how easy it is to set up a website.  The community also … [Read More...]

#GetRealChat How has social media changed communication

How Has Social Media Changed Communication #GetRealChat 5-3-16

  Cat Trestini guided our community through an active discussion on how social media changes communication. We covered topics such as: ● How … [Read More...]

How to narrow your marketing focus. Riches are in the niches.

Only One You on #GetRealChat 4-26-16

  Cat Trestini guided our community through an active discussion on  balancing the personal and business you on social.  We covered topics … [Read More...]

#GetRealChat Brand Customer Service

Social Customer Service for Brands #GetRealChat 4-19-16

        Steve Cassady led our Community through a discussion on Customer Service for Brands.  We shared … [Read More...]

Mentoring Paying It Forward on GetRealChat

Mentoring #PayingItForward on #GetRealChat 4-12-16

        Steve Cassady guided our community through a discussion on mentoring with a #PayingItForward focus.  We … [Read More...]

Content Curation on GetRealChat

Content Curation #GetRealChat 4-05-16

  Cat Trestini guided our community through a discussion about content curation. We covered a wide range of topics: Considerations for … [Read More...]

The future of Brand Experience at Adobe Summit discussed on #GetRealChat

Future of Brand Experience #AdobeSummit #GetRealChat 3-23-16

  The future of marketing is the brand experience. Customer experience is your brand. Either you provide a good customer experience or you … [Read More...]

"special event" ticket stub and popcorn closeup

How to use new media at events #GetRealChat 3-22-16

  Catherine Trestini and Steve Cassady ran tonight's chat as Pam Moore was participating in the Adobe Summit as a brand ambassador.  Our … [Read More...]

Personal Branding is a requirement not an option as discussed on #GetRealChat

How to Zoom Your Personal Brand #GetRealChat 3-15-16

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion of personal branding.  We rated our personal performance and shared definitions of personal … [Read More...]

Social Business Learning Resources

social business vs social media getrealchat recap aug 8 2013

Difference Between Social Business & Social Media – #GetFitSocBiz

Many confuse social media with social business. Even the smartest business leaders confuse the medium and technology with the journey or destination. … [Read More...]

human brand characteristics

13 Characteristics of Human Brands

Just like people, brands come in all shapes and sizes. A brand is not a logo, colors, fancy tag line or even a fancy Super Bowl commercial. A brand is … [Read More...]

brand humanization social business

Social Brands: Are Employees Your Employees 24/7?

We've all seen the social media profiles, bios and disclaimers that read something similar to "my thoughts are my own" or "my tweets are my … [Read More...]

cmo cio ceo twitter tips

15 Things Every CEO, CMO, CTO, & CIO Must Do Before Hopping on Twitter

So you have finally said "yes." It feels almost like as big of a commitment as the day that special someone said "I do!". You honestly never thought … [Read More...]


Twitter Hashtag 101: Twitter Hashtag, Hash Brown Same Thing, Right?

If only I had a free week long vacation for every time someone asked me what the difference is between a Twitter hashtag and a hash brown, I would be … [Read More...]