Content Marketing on #GetRealChat with Atomic Reach

How to Up your #ContentMarketing on #GetRealChat 4-21-15

  Our guest was Ira Haberman with Atomic Reach.  Ira and Pam Moore led the community through a discussion of content marketing.  We discussed the following: Why Digital Audiences are different. How we should create content for them. What are specific things we can do. Impact of Google and SEO. Atomic Reach helps brands, publishers & bloggers […]

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Digital and Social Marketers Leadership #GetRealChat

Digital and Social Marketers should lead and learn to say No! #GetRealChat 4-14-15

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion on Digital and Social Marketer Leadership and the need to learn to say no.  It is time … [Read More...]

"special event" ticket stub and popcorn closeup

Real-Time and Event Marketing on #GetRealChat 4-7-15

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion on Real Time and Event Marketing.  We discussed what works and doesn't work and the … [Read More...]

HostGator #GetRealChat Buzzwords

Website Management and Set Up with HostGator on GetRealChat 3-31-15

  Tonight, our guest HostGator shared tips on Website hosting, setup, and security. Kyler Patterson and Sean Valant shared their thoughts and … [Read More...]

Brands Can be Social and Imperfect on #GetRealChat

Can Brands Be Human #GetRealChat 3-24-15

  Steve Cassady and Danielle O'Neil managed the chat while Pam Moore was in San Diego preparing for #SMMW15.  The community discussed Brand … [Read More...]

personal brand

Is Your Social Media Hurting Your Brand 3-17-15 #GetRealChat

  Pam Moore led our community through a discussion of how our social media could be hurting our branding.  We discussed how well we rated our … [Read More...]

The #MillennialMarketer on #getrealchat at #AdobeSummit

The #MillennialMarketer at #AdobeSummit Live on #GetRealChat 3-10-15

  We are pleased to participate in the kickoff of a series of discussions on the Millennial Marketer. The first is in partnership and is … [Read More...]

Community Management Tips

Community Management on #GetRealChat 3-10-15

  This week Pam Moore is at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She was invited as an Adobe Insider to get a behind … [Read More...]

Content Marketing

Creating, Curating, or Regurgitating Content on #GetRealChat 3-3-15

  The community discussed many aspects of content curation including: Definition of content creation and new ideas Definition of content … [Read More...]

Personal Branding with Twitter

How to Brand Yourself on Twitter #GetRealChat 2-27-15

  Pam Moore led the community through a discussion  of taking your personal brand to the next level by tapping into the power of Twitter.  We … [Read More...]

Social Media Tools

Shiny Social Objects on #GetRealChat 2-10-15

  While Pam Moore was busy being the keynote speaker at #SMSSummit, in Las Vegas,  Steve Cassady and Danielle O'Neal took over #GetRealChat … [Read More...]

Social Business Learning Resources

social business vs social media getrealchat recap aug 8 2013

Difference Between Social Business & Social Media – #GetFitSocBiz

Many confuse social media with social business. Even the smartest business leaders confuse the medium and technology with the journey or destination. … [Read More...]

human brand characteristics

13 Characteristics of Human Brands

Just like people, brands come in all shapes and sizes. A brand is not a logo, colors, fancy tag line or even a fancy Super Bowl commercial. A brand is … [Read More...]

brand humanization social business

Social Brands: Are Employees Your Employees 24/7?

We've all seen the social media profiles, bios and disclaimers that read something similar to "my thoughts are my own" or "my tweets are my … [Read More...]

cmo cio ceo twitter tips

15 Things Every CEO, CMO, CTO, & CIO Must Do Before Hopping on Twitter

So you have finally said "yes." It feels almost like as big of a commitment as the day that special someone said "I do!". You honestly never thought … [Read More...]


Twitter Hashtag 101: Twitter Hashtag, Hash Brown Same Thing, Right?

If only I had a free week long vacation for every time someone asked me what the difference is between a Twitter hashtag and a hash brown, I would be … [Read More...]